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Quasa Digitalization Private Sector

According to the World Bank report, three sources of growth could contribute to a positive dynamic of the private sector of the East African Community in general and Burundi in particular:

  1. Efficient public enterprises

  2. FDI integrated into the local economy

  3. Dynamic start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)


These sources of growth, combined with financial sector reform that improves access to inclusive finance, could generate a positive ripple effect on the economy and provide "proof of concept" that transformation can occur.

Modernized and competitive private enterprises, integrated into local and international value chains, can lead to increased productivity, diversification, foreign exchange supply, and, ultimately, the creation of jobs and economic transformation:

  • Liberalization and reform of public enterprises could increase the competitiveness of productive sectors (through efficient resource allocation, innovation, and the development of value chains), strengthen competition and trade, and improve the delivery of public services.

  • New FDI and better linkages between existing FDI and the local economy could create new markets and formal jobs, increase exports, and promote the diffusion of new technologies and business practices.

  • Dynamic entrepreneurs and micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) could expand the private sector base, create new markets, strengthen supply chains, capture FDI spillovers, increase new business creation, force exit of underperforming businesses, and promote resilience.

In addition to macro-financial stability and the readjustment of the exchange rate, EAC Governments will need to create framework conditions conducive to supporting these sources of growth. Here are the main priorities:


  • A favorable and transparent business environment that encourages competition enables private investment, facilitates dispute resolution, and supports regional trade.

  • The adoption of technologies to stimulate the modernization of productive sectors, in particular, the adoption of digital technologies in all sectors of economic activity.

  • Affordable and reliable infrastructure and efficient logistics and transport services are essential for reducing production costs and connecting businesses and entrepreneurs to markets.

Quasa Solutions Group SPRL intervenes to offer you adequate information systems capable of digitalizing all of your company's business processes through the digital transformation of your organization (organization of Human Resources, organization of functions and tasks based on rights access, management of financial operations, marketing and dematerialization of procedures through digitalization).

Quasa Solutions Group offers you a set of processes for a profound reorganization of operations and optimization of recurring task sequences, thanks to:

  • Predefined workflows,

  • The contribution of digital technologies and

  • Automation.

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