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Quasa Social Security

Strengthening critical non-contributory programs (social assistance):

The experience of many countries in East Africa and elsewhere shows that cash transfers have significant positive impacts on the three strategic objectives of social protection in Burundi. They improve beneficiary households' food and monetary security, increase access to essential social services, and help families better manage the risks they face.

A sub-sector of contributory social insurance that is increasingly effective, efficient, sustainable, and self-financing: 

It has also been demonstrated that contributory social security and health insurance programs are much more developed than non-contributory social assistance programs. However, some gaps remain, and this strategy aims to strengthen the contributing sub-sector. Particular emphasis was placed on challenges that go beyond the responsibility of a single institution, such as updating legal texts, the possibilities of harmonizing the institutional arrangements of the different regimes, including at decentralized levels, and the financial viability of contributory programs in the long term, so that they do not constitute a drain on the resources available for social assistance.

Strengthening the social protection system (the normative and institutional framework, human capacities, and tools): 

Given the identification of some institutional failures, it is necessary to undertake an institutional, organizational, and functional audit of the sector, which will inform the development of a capacity-building strategy and plan. In the modern world, implementing an information system makes it possible to detect failures based on predefined criteria and sub-criteria and analyze the causes and consequences to provide a solution in real-time.

A targeting/categorization system also makes it possible to target households benefiting from different social protection programs. Therefore, the relevant bodies must monitor the progress of the programs and learn from experience. An automated standard register of beneficiaries to avoid duplication and management interference constitutes an inevitable tool for better communication.

Quasa Solutions Group SPRL can propose concrete actions based on the following:

  • The dematerialization of public cash transfer programs,

  • Strengthening the control of "indigent" people in health care,

  • The institutional and financial organization of the social security structures of the EAC in general and Burundi in particular (notably the National Institute of Social Security (INSS) and the National Office of Pensions and Professional Risks (ONPR) ),

  • The establishment of an automated mechanism for electronic declaration and payment by digitizing the forms used by these social security institutions.

  • The proposal for a strategy to strengthen the social protection system (normative framework, structures, capacities, and procedures)

  • The development of a system for targeting/categorizing affiliates and members through digital configuration,

  • The creation of digital monitoring and evaluation tools, an automated standard register, and an adapted communication strategy.

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