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Digitalization Public Sectors

Public Finances: Managing the public budget using automated approach

  • 99 hr
  • Based on Projects
  • Bujumbura

Service Description

Public Finances: Managing the public budget using the Program Budget approach requires an automated and integrated public finance management system. This system must include integrated public revenue management modules, but also modules participating in the backbone of the expenditure chain from the public procurement process. These include, among others, modules for (i) electronic declaration and electronic payment of taxes, (ii) registration of taxpayers, (iii) management of liability, (iv) management of recovery and reminders, (v) performance management of tax revenue collection, (vi) management of the expenditure chain, (vii) digitalization of public procurement, (viii) digitalization of insurance company management processes Public health: The health system in Burundi uses DHIS 2 which is a web-based and open-source health information system that also supports the use of geographic information systems (GIS), graphs, and pivot tables. Quasa Solutions Group may consider interventions on the tool to improve performance.

Contact Details

  • Galerie Coeur d'Afrique, Bujumbura, Rohero, Burundi

    +257651785 67

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